Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weight Loss Surgery: How it Works and Its Side Effects

What is Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is a sensitive medical procedure that is aimed to treat overweight patients (those who their weight can endanger their lives) which is also known as bariatric surgery. Although this surgery can lead to drastic weight loss, this surgery is not recommended for patients who want to do it only for beauty purposes, as it can lead to serious risks and complications.

This surgery works by limiting the amount of food that the body can consume by removing an abdominal area. However, this is the last option when surgical and other non-surgical actions are not able to lose weight.

weight loss surgery

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Health Benefits, Steps to Canning, and Nutrition Facts of Green Beans

Beans are harvested when the beans inside are immature. This is what makes the benefits of beans supported by nutrients that are superior to other seeds of vegetables, such as okra or peas.

Beans are known as seared seeds that resemble long beans, but with a shorter size, brighter colors, and a wider shape. In addition to being marketed raw in traditional markets, beans can also be marketed in frozen form. This vegetable is also commonly packaged in a frozen state along with other vegetables, as combined with corn, carrots, and peas. Vegetables grown and consumed throughout the world can be cooked by means of pan-fried, boiled, or steamed.

nutrition facts of green beans

Friday, November 3, 2017

Avocado Calories and Some Other Surprisingly Facts Inside It You Need to Know

One of the tasty fruits I love is avocado. I love its texture and creamy taste. This fruit will be my first choice when the sun shines too bright and the weather becomes hot and hot. I just have to blend it with some ice cubes and sweetener. Gosh, that is so delicious (That's my choice, what about you?).

Well, I am not going to tell you about how do I enjoy avocados. Here, I want to share about avocado calories and tell you other nutrients inside it. In addition, I will also share about avocado benefits that I note.

Here we go!

Avocado fruit (Persea americana) is an elliptical green fruit that has a thick flesh with a soft texture and sweet taste. This fruit can be found easily because it can grow mostly everywhere. Avocados can be eaten directly or made as a mixture of food or drink. Although it is delicious, the fruit that comes from America Tengan and Mexico is rumored to contain high fat. Fortunately, the fat contained by this avocado is not a bad fat but unsaturated fat. Let us discover more about avocado.

avocado calories

Friday, September 29, 2017

15 Surprisingly Healthy Food For Weight Loss You May Not Realize Before

When I am on my diet, I will always try to find some good foods to eat. The standard is, it must be healthy, or…

…I will be collapsed easily.

You know what, doing a diet does not mean that you just completely cut the portion for what you eat. Then, you can eat whatever as long as the nutrition is enough for diet.

Trust me; you have to understand that during the diet your body has his right to get good nutrition in order to keep the metabolism running well.

Unfortunately, sometimes a healthy food can be expensive or rare to be found. Therefore, here is the list of healthy foods for weight loss noted for you (don’t worry, I don’t include truffle here).

Healthy Food For Weight Loss

Monday, September 4, 2017

1000 Calorie Diet Plans - Delicious Menu For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

I believe that 1000 calorie a day diet is the most boring not happy thing. It takes time, many efforts, and of course, you will repeatedly miss the chance to eat some delicious yummy tasty foods. That sounds bad, completely bad.

But, when you just walk out from your lovely room where you feel so safe and realize that people completely focus on your belly, you may start to think about that diet again…

…and again.

Then, the best thing from that moment is, some of those people will surprisingly yell at you and say…

“Hey, you faaaaaaaaaaaaaatt!!!!!”

Well, if you are getting mad enough, you will try to chase them. But, in the same time, you do not realize that you cannot run as fast as them.

You start to run and run. You think you can catch them but the reality is, you will just look like a fatty hippo running with shaking belly (I know how does it feel).

What happens next? They will just laugh louder.

Therefore, if you think your day is or will be that hard, I think you have to change your mindset about this diet. Be tough!

1000 calorie diet plans