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Are These Foods For Weight Loss Still Work?

When I am on my diet, I will always try to find some good foods to eat. The standard is, it must be healthy, or…

…I will be collapsed easily.

You know what, doing a diet does not mean that you just completely cut the portion for what you eat. Then, you can eat whatever as long as the nutrition is enough for diet.

Trust me; you have to understand that during the diet your body has his right to get good nutrition in order to keep the metabolism running well.

Unfortunately, sometimes a healthy food can be expensive or rare to be found. Therefore, here is the list of healthy foods for weight loss noted for you (don’t worry, I don’t include truffle here).

Healthy Food For Weight Loss

Vegetables and fruits

As I mentioned before, fruits are so healthy to be put on healthy recipes for weight loss.

Then, you may have to put more concern about grapefruit because it is so popular related to the weight loss.

A study says you can lose weight about 1.6 kg in 12 weeks by eating a half of fresh grapefruit. Just eat it about 30 minutes before your daily meals.

In addition, grapefruit can reduce insulin resistance that may cause some diseases.

That's about grapefruit.

Well, here are the others

1. Chili Pepper

The best part of this hot and sexy chili pepper is capsaicin. For your information, capsaicin is the substance of chili pepper that can help you to increase fat burning and reduce your appetite

Then, if you love weight loss supplement, you may find that capsaicin is sold in the form of supplement.

To be honest, even though it is good in losing weight, I think you have to see your doctor in order to know how much chili pepper you can tolerate for every single consumption

2. Spinach

Do you know Popeye? I mean Popeye the Sailorman. A man with anchor tattoos and pipe to smoke. To be honest, I have no idea why that spinach can be the ultimate secret for Popeye power.

Ignore it. That is just my silly question.

If you hate greenie veggies, I wish you could agree that some leafy greenie veggies can help you to lose your weight.

Some leafy veggies like Swiss chard, spinach, kale, and others contain low carbohydrate and calories, but surprisingly they grow with high fibers inside them (you can eat them in huge volume without worrying being fat, trust me).

The minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants in those greenies also will be the perfect bullets to help you in burning your fat. So, do not miss the chance.

So, can we consider it to be healthy snacks for weight loss?

3. High Protein Veggies

If we know that vegetables are just loaded with high fiber, this kind of veggies contains high protein comparing to other veggies.

Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts belong to those high protein veggies.

I know sometimes you may leave the broccoli, but I think you should start to put them on your healthy recipes for weight loss because those veggies will make you fuller.

4. White Potatoes

The best way to consume it is by boiling it. Yep, the boiled potato may seem not that delicious but trust me, a boiled food will be much healthier.

Some body-builders will only eat boiled foods and will not eat any fried food just in order to avoid fat from oil. Sounds reasonable right?

Then, the best part of this white boiled potato is, it has the highest score for food that will make you feel more fulfilling. So, you will just have to eat a small portion in order to fulfill your needs.

Therefore, what you have to do is just boil it, wait for it till cool, and then eat it. Do not forget to add in your healthy lunch ideas for weight loss.

5. Seeds In The Pod

Some legumes like beans and beans family, lentils, and peas are helpful foods for weight loss. They are high in protein and fiber that can help you in losing weight.

However, since some people have some problems in tolerating those legumes, I believe it is important to understand how to prepare them in a proper way.

6. Avocado

If fruits mostly contain high carbohydrate, avocado is equipped with healthy fats. Surprisingly, the same fat also can be found in olive oil.

It is called monounsaturated oleic acid.

You can add it on the top list for healthy salad recipes for weight loss.

Why? It is because the nutrient uptake from the vegetables can be increased from 2.6 to 15-fold from the fats inside them.

Well, it is a unique fruit with good benefits inside it.

7. Vinegar

If you put much concern in the natural health community, you may find that apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular foods there.

Some studies show that vinegar can be helpful for weight loss. Surprisingly, taking 15-20 ml vinegar per day in 12 weeks will help obese people to lose weight until 1,7 kilos.

Other studies also show that taking vinegar can make people feel fuller and eat 275 fewer calories a day.

That is so great!

8. Nuts

What do you think if I say nuts are healthy snacks for weight loss? Well, the answer is, yes they are.

Even though nuts are high in fat, but they do not simply make you fat. Actually, nuts contain a good balance of fiber, healthy fats, and protein.

However, since they are still high in calories, please do not eat them in a massive amount.

9. Grains

You may hear a whisper that says grains are not good for losing weight or even diet. If it is refined grains, I will say yes, but I am going to say no for whole grains.

Some whole grains such as brown or white rice, quinoa, and oats are actually good for health. They contain fiber and protein.

If you are not on a very low carbohydrate diet, it seems good to avoid them. But, if you are not on that very low carbohydrate diet, consuming some whole grains is not a big problem.

ht Loss You May Not Realize here at is not medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Please see your doctor and consult for your weight loss program to check whether you can eat this kind of foods or not.

Fishes and dairy products

As one of dairy products, I do believe that egg is a healthy breakfast for weight loss.

You may know that egg has high cholesterol, but eating a moderate amount of egg for breakfast will give you more benefit.

In my experience, my gym trainer suggests me to consume the whites from the egg. It has a high protein to build your muscle.

Besides, you may find some researchers confirm that eating an egg for breakfast will make you fuller. Then, if you hate the fat, you can separate the yolk and just eat the whites.

TIPS! If you are worried about the cholesterol and fat, a boiled egg will be more recommended than
fried one.

That's about egg and here are the other products you need to know.

1. The Travelling Fish

If you are wondering what kind of fish is it? Let me say to you that this fish loves to migrate.

That is… salmon (hail to the juicy meat!)

Like any other seafood and fishes in general, salmon contains much iodine but the difference is, salmon also is equipped with healthy fats, important nutrients, and completely high-quality protein.

Iodine is important for thyroid, the thing that makes sure your metabolism keep running well.

In addition, the omega 3 fatty acids in salmon will help you to reduce inflammation, the thing that causes metabolism disease and obesity.

2. Meat

I believe that some of us will avoid meat during the weight loss program. We believe that meat can give us some more problems with fat, diabetes, heart disease, and etc.

But, if we could understand and choose which part of the meat that is safe, I think we can reduce the possibility of those risks to happen.

What we need from meat is the protein inside it. Therefore, lean meat and chicken breast are the best part of the meat to be eaten.

If you hate the fat, just throw it away. The exception is just for those who love to do ketogenic diet (The most delicious but fatty part of a chicken is actually its skin, fry it and the heaven will come to ya).

3. Tuna

If you are a bodybuilder, this kind of food may be so popular in your community. Yup, that is tuna, the fish that has high protein and low calorie and fat.

The low calorie and high protein inside the tuna will be a good choice for you during your cutting session.

If you just only want protein, then choose a tuna canned in water, not oil.

4. White Cheese

If you can select the right product from dairy, you may find that cottage cheese is the most valuable healthy foods for weight loss from dairy products.

It contains mostly protein with completely low fat and carbohydrate. Thus, you may feel more satiate with low consuming calories.

As other dairy products, the calcium inside it will help you in fat burning process

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