How to Count Calorie Needs to Gain Weight

How to Count Calorie Needs to Gain Weight

Who says that weight gain is easy?

For some people who have skinny posture, gaining weight is quite difficult and requires a lot of effort.

Increasing weight means having to add your daily calories.

On the other side, you may find something like this on the food packaging.

"Percent RDA based on energy needs 2000 kcal. Your energy needs may be higher or lower."

This means your calorie needs per day are not the same as others, as many factors can affect your calorie needs.

Thus, how to count calorie needs to gain weight?

Let us find the answer.

calorie needs to gain weight

How do I know if you need to gain weight?

Many people do not realize that he or she is underweight.

During this time, our attention is more in people who have excessive weight or obesity.

Though less weight is also a nutritional problem and will affect health.

It is therefore important for people with less weight, making an effort to increase their weight.

If you feel thin, try to calculate your body mass index (BMI) to ensure it.

Calculating BMI can be done by knowing your body height and your current weight.

Then, your current weight is divided by the squared height in meters.

A person who is otherwise underweight or underweight if his BMI is less than 18.5 kg / m2.

If your BMI is less than the prescribed limit, you should plan a program to gain weight.

In order to gain weight, one of the reliable efforts is to increase intake as well as multiply the portion of food for more calories to enter.

But actually how many calories are needed someone who wants to raise his weight?

Let us find out by knowing what calories are.

What are calories?

Before you know how many calories you need, you'll want to know what those calories are.

The calorie is a unit of measurement to express the amount of energy in food.

When we eat or drink, we give energy (calories) to our body.

The body then uses that energy as fuel for our various activities.

The more activity we do, the more energy or calories we use.

The number of calories in a food is usually written in units of "kilocalories" or "kcal".

For example, 500 calories will be written as 500 kcal.

In addition to kcal, calories can also be written in units of "kilojoules" or "kJ".

1 kJ is equivalent to 0.239 calories.

Everyday calorie needs of each person is different

How to calculate the caloric needs of each person is different, because it will be calculated based on gender, age, height and weight, body composition, activity, until the physical state of each.

Calories needed by men are different from women despite being in the same age range.

Even twins will have different caloric needs depending on their physical and daily activities.

Standard caloric intake per day varies by country.

In America, men are advised to consume 2700 calories per day and 2200 calories per day.

While based on the National Health Service in the UK, men are advised to consume 2500 calories and women 2000 calories.

In contrast to the FAO that suggests the average adult should consume at least 1800 calories per day.

For pregnant women, it takes an additional energy of 180-300 kcal per day, depending on the age of the trimester of pregnancy.

Likewise with breastfeeding mothers, in the first 6 months, it takes additional energy up to 330 kcal and an additional 400 kcal in the next 6 months.

Various ways to calculate the caloric needs of each day

There are several ways to calculate your calorie needs, namely:

The Harris-Benedict formula.

This formula is often used by nutritionists.

The Harris-Benedict formula takes into account your age, gender, weight, height, and level of physical activity.

Here are the revised formulas by Mifflin and St Jeor.

  • Men = (10 × weight in kg) + (6.25 × height in cm) - (5 × age in years) + 5
  • Women = (10 × weight in kg) + (6.25 × height in cm) - (5 × age in years) - 161

The result of this calculation is then multiplied by the physical activity factor.

If your physical activity is low, then multiply it by 1.2.

For physical activity is medium, then multiply it by 1.3.

While the physical activity is heavy, multiply it by 1.4.

WHO (World Health Organization) formula.

In contrast to the Harris-Benedict formula, this formula is simpler and does not take into account height.

The WHO formula is divided according to age category.

For example, to find the energy needs of women aged 18-29 years used the formula 14.7 x (body weight in kilograms) + 496.

Meanwhile, to find the energy needs of men aged 18-29 years, used the formula 15.3 x (weight in kilograms) + 679. The results are then multiplied by physical activity factors.

How many calories are needed to gain weight?

Adding calories is something that should be done by someone who wants to gain weight.

The addition of safe calories is about 500-1000 calories per day to gain weight as much as 1 kg a week.

Indeed everyone will get different results.

If you have not changed your weight in a week despite adding calories per day, then add another 100-250 calories and see the results at the end of the week.

Therefore, in the beginning of the program in adding weight, try to add calories as much as 500 calories first into your daily needs.

If it doesn't work, you have to add more calories to 1000 calories, but please do it gradually.

Increased calories will make your diet be changed because the addition should be done gradually.

It is to make the digestive system to be not shocked and cause indigestion.

In addition, to prevent stomach problems, you can divide all those calories into smaller portions in 5-6 meals.

For example, the caloric requirement after adding 3000 calories, then every meal weighing like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the calories you should spend as much as 750 calories per meal.

While the remaining calories, you can switch to snacks in the morning by noon as much as 375 calories and afternoon by 375 calories as well.

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How to Count Calorie Needs to Gain Weight
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