7 Best Way To Cook Eggs To Keep The Nutrition

There are so many ways to cook an egg, but not all of them is healthy. Sometimes you can lose so many good nutrients inside it. Knowing the best way to cook an egg you will keep good nutrients inside the egg. HDL is one of the good nutrients you can keep if you do the best way to cook an egg. This nutrient helps your body produce vitamin D and hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol. Therefore n this article, you will find 7 best way to cook eggs to keep the nutrition.

best way to cook egg
the soft boiled egg is one of the best ways to cook eggs

7 Best Way To Cook Egg by Dr. Anthony Agustin

Dr. Anthony Agustin in his personal website mentioned two grips about the best way to cook an egg:

1. Indeed, heat when cooking is a destructive process. For egg whites, the cooking process is good because it kills the problematic protein called avidin.

2. As for the egg yolks, the cooking process actually damages the nutrients. Yet egg yolk is the most nutritious one.

Based on the explanation above, there are seven best ways to cook egg suggested by Dr. Anthony Agustin as listed below.

1. Soft Boiled Egg
It is the opposite of the hard-boiled eggs. In this way to cook an egg, you have to keep both the whites and egg yolk partially liquid.

This is the most recommended way to get the maximum nutrients from the eggs. It is not hard to prepare a soft-boiled egg. In this cooking technique, timing matters much. You need a timer.

All you have to do is fill the pot with water, then install immersion cooker and set at 145 Fahrenheit and cook for 10-40 minutes.

Why is it ranging from 10-40 minutes?

It depends on how many eggs you cook. The more eggs you cook, the more time you need.

2. Poached Egg

How to cook is to break the egg in hot water until the egg whites egg yolk. In the process of poached cooking, yellow is still liquid so the nutrients are still awake.

3. Eaten Raw

Eating egg yolks in raw conditions is actually the best way. Nutrition from the egg yolk will not be wasted because of the cooking process. If you do not like the raw eggs, you can have raw eggs smoothie.

4. Hard boiled egg
This is the most common and classic way of cooking eggs. In general, eggs boiled to yellow and egg whites 'hardened'. But not to worry even though the egg yolks 'hardened' nutrients are not so lost because when cooking egg yolk is not exposed to oxygen.

5. Sunnyside Up Egg

The most appropriate way to cook sunny side up is with the lowest heat of the smallest fire. The lower the heat, the less the oxidation process. The smaller the oxidation process, the healthier. Remember to cook sunny side up only on one side yes, do not turn the egg yolk.

6. Over Easy Egg

This cooking process produces more oxidation because the egg yolks will be exposed to direct heat because you will invert the yolk. Nutrition egg yolks must be much lost.

7. Scrambled Egg

This is the last way you can choose to cook eggs. Here egg nutrition has been reduced a lot because the protein and fat have been mixed and exposed to oxygen many times.

After knowing the 7 best way to cook egg above, you may find that eggs are also good for brain development and memory function because they contain choline. Also, your hair and nail nutrition can also be fulfilled by high amino acids and sulfur inside the egg. That's all about the best way to cook eggs to keep the nutrition. Please share this best way to cook egg by using these following buttons below and follow www.thedietnotes.com to get the latest article.

7 Best Way To Cook Eggs To Keep The Nutrition
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