The Pros and Cons of Having Diet Soda Keto

Having diet soda while on keto be an intriguing topic to be discussed because you know that consuming too much "soda" will make you gain weight. You know what, soda and chips is the perfect combination that can lead you to gain obesity faster. Then, what about diet soda while on a keto diet?

Let me tell you first. In the ketogenic diet, what you look for is a ketosis state which your body uses its own fat as the energy source. In this case, you have to lower carbohydrates to make your body look for other energy sources that in this case is called as "Fat".

To reach a ketosis state, you have to limit averagely below 50 g carbohydrate intake per day. It means that you have to reduce your foods consumption especially those foods that contain many carbs. In this case, there is about 40 g of carbohydrates contained in a single can of regular soda.

What about diet soda? Let us check the pros and cons of having diet soda on the keto diet.

Diet Soda Keto
The Pros and Cons of Having Diet Soda While on Keto Diet

The Pros: Why Can I Have Diet Soda While On Keto Diet?

For some reasons, you may have to join your friend's party or even just a regular family gathering. In that occasion, there may be some soda products like Pepsi, Coca-cola, Sprite, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, and etc. Then, if you are on a keto diet, it will be wise to choose the diet soda.

Basically, diet soda is free of carbohydrates meanwhile a regular soda usually contains many carbs. So, diet soda is a perfect substitution for regular soda. However, it is not suggested to only consume drink diet soda during your keto diet. It is just for some accidental occasions.

Also, for those who have diabetic problems, diet soda may not be suggested for you because it contains the sweetener that is not good for you.

Let's back to the topic.

Some regular carbonated drinks will completely disturb your ketosis state because they contain so many calories and have high carbohydrates. Meanwhile, diet soda doesn't contain many carbs and even free of carbohydrates.

Thus, it is safe for you to drink diet soda in moderate amount because it doesn't contain many carbohydrates. You can keep your carbs intake low when you are in an accidentally way drinking diet soda. But, I think it is better to not drink diet soda too much.

The Cons: Limit Diet Soda Keto If You Get These Problems

Even though diet soda is safe to take while you are on a keto diet, but there are some particular problems may arise. Since each of people is unique, the effects of having diet soda on keto may be different for each other. Some people may be alright to drink diet soda all day long, but what about the others?

What we primarily discussed here is the effects of diet soda toward other possible risks that may arise in the future. As we know that some people may have problems with the artificial sweetener, the diet soda may not affect your diet but other health aspects or problems. Here are the cons of having diet soda while on the keto diet.

1. A problem called the sweet tooth.
As I said previously, the diet soda may do nothing to your keto diet, but in some cases, it leads to the problem called the sweet tooth. In the starting phase of your keto diet, you may need to adjust your diet plan. In this case, you have to keep your carbohydrate intake below 50 g. Diet soda may be one of your choices to face it, but actually, it provokes you to get more and more sweets. However, it depends on you.

2. It may stop making progress of your weight loss.
Even though the diet soda does not contain many calories or in this case let us say zero calories, a particular case shows that diet soda may make your weight loss stagnant. So, when you are in keto diet and you feel that you have done everything but your weight constantly stays in the same state, you may check your soda consumption. If you just consume diet soda, you may stop it a while and try to see whether there is an improvement or not. Also, see how these 6 factors make you gaining weight in ketosis

3. Insulin Response Problem
We all know that diet soda is a carbohydrate-free beverage, but have you ever thought about the sweetener inside it? The keto diet actually requires our blood sugar levels as stable as possible and the bad news is the sweetener in certain soda diet may trigger the insulin response. It can be worse when your favorite diet soda contains the artificial sweetener that much sweeter than the "real' sugar. One thing should be noticed is a constant insulin levels elevation actually correlated with weight gain. Be careful then.

To be concluded, those pros and cons lead to a conclusion that having diet soda while on keto diet both good and bad sides. Basically, diet soda on the keto diet is alright because it contains low carbohydrates or even zero carbs. If you are good with diet soda, you can go on with that carbonated drink. But if you don't, you can limit it or even avoid it because you may have other health problem such as diabetes.

The Pros and Cons of Having Diet Soda Keto
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